Dignity At a Glance

Find Us at The Havens @ St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

DignityHouston is a vibrant community of LGBTQ Catholics who really believe that All Are Welcome. You suffer enough as you go through your daily life. Take a moment to come join us as we sing a New Church into being.

We come together every Saturday at 5:30 pm for our own Liturgy where you can join in the exploration of what the Readings, spirituality, Catholicism, and everything else means in 21st century life. Yes, that means that, if you want, you can be a particpant in the Mass, sharing your views and finding out what others think. There's no way that archaic laws are going to stop us with Pope Francis to give us the inspiration to move forward.

If you're not one to dive in headfirst, that's no problem. You can just sit back and soak up everything. We're a happy group that welcomes everyone. Just be prepared for the worries and cares to leave you as healing washes over you. There's enough to go around, to satisfy your mind and heart.

Got questions? Want to know more before you decide? Email us, and we'll get right back with you.

You can find us right in the heart of the old Montrose. (Hey, we're LGBTQ Catholics, after all.)

The Havens @ St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
1827 West Alabama Street
Between Woodhead and Driscoll
Ample parking available in the parish lot between the Church and The Havens.

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The Havens @ St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Board of Trustees Meetings

The Board of Trustees of Dignity/Houston, Inc. holds its regular Board Meetings on the second Saturday of the month at 3:00 pm at The Havens Center, 1827 West Alabama St., Houston, TX 77098.

Everyone is invited to the Board meetings, and attendance at them can be helpful to members when talking with a Board of Trustees member about some action they would like for DignityHouston to take. However, it is very important that attendees understand that the agenda for the meeting is set in advance of the meeting, and only Board Members can change it. In addition, discussion is limited to Board Members and any visitors they choose to call on. Anyone who does not honor this protocol, may be asked to leave the meeting so that the Board can function expeditiously and effectively.

In addition, the Board may go into Executive Session at any time, and all visitors must leave during the time the Board is in Executive Session.

Special Meetings

Special Meetings of the Board may be held at any time the Board deems necessary. All special meetings will be advertised in this area.

Dignity/Houston, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Texas and a tax-exempt organization under the IRS Code §501(c)(3). Donations are tax-exempt unless otherwise noted.